…and so it begins.

This blog will be used to track the development of a collaborative music step-sequencer using tools such as Unity3D and the Photon Unity Network.

Project Overview: Using the 21st century media skill of Play, I will be creating a music sequencer that allows people to connect and collaborate while exploring sound and rhythm.

Inspiration: My initial sketches have taken inspiration from…

Tonematrix – http://mandaflewaway.tumblr.com/post/2057242738

Tonecraft – http://labs.dinahmoe.com/ToneCraft/#

Plink – http://labs.dinahmoe.com/plink/

While still in the very initial prototyping stage, I did find somebody else who is using the exact same tools (Unity3D and Photon) who has developed some really interesting approaches:

Gnomes vs. Fairies

SimpleStepSeqiencer – Interactive Demo

Technology: This project will rely on internet, either PC or Mac web browser, Photon server hosting (free service, 20 simultaneous users max), Unity3D, C#, SQL/other database, social media / Reddit for advertising, and web hosting.

Initial Concerns: The biggest limitation for this project are my personal programing skills in C# with Unity3D. The opportunity to develop these skill is a driving force behind my decision since it will force me to move beyond my comfort zone. In addition, I have never done database work with Unity3D so I will be learning that skill from scratch. In addition, the media of choice must be used on a Mac or PC (no mobile devices) and require the user to allow a plug-in. These limitation could be overcome with WebGL, however that is outside of my current skillset. Currently the Photon service “resets” if nobody is logged-in. So, I will either need a computer persistently logged-in, or find a way to keep the soundscape from disappearing (most likely using SQL.) I have never calculated tempo in Unity so that will be one of my first challenges to overcome.

Next Steps: Develop the first build. Current goal is a 3D space with 8 cubes that light-up the beat and play a sound. Second step will be to give the user a slider to adjust tempo.

Current Development Build: http://tinyurl.com/collaborativesoundscape

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