Networked and Synced

After a lot of troubleshooting I finally have a collaborative sequencer that actually works over the internet. Based on how well it is working I may use my desktop computer at home as a server for this collaboration experiment instead of PUN as I originally intended.

Since the RPC requires so little bandwidth, I’m going to see if the server runs well allowing up to 32 clients to connect. I imagine there would be quite a bit of chaos with 32 people.

Based on some feedback I received from coworkers and peers the next feature to add before I expand this in to a bigger project is user color selections so you can tell what blocks you’ve added, or even draw pictures. At this time I do not plan on having the colors represent anything more than a “triggered” block. I will likely keep the white color as off since black blocks are really hard to see.

Once I’ve livened up the project with some additional color it will be time to explore how to make this a “soundscape” with more than drums. The plan is to use the 3D environment to make it an immersive experience. For the time being I am not planning on adding 3D characters/avatars (even as simple as a cube you can move) since the focus is the soundscape.

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