Know Your Audience

Over the last few days, I have had a chance to share my project with peers, students, and faculty to get their feedback. My approach is fairly simple: 1) I ask if they would like to try the project, 2) The only instruction I give is “Explore!”, and 3) I ask them to tell me what they thought would/should happen when they click on various items.

The feedback has been extremely consistent:

1) Everybody thinks the different colors should represent different sounds.

2) People want either a visual or auditory feedback when they click on a colored sky block.

3) It might be nice to see how many people are connected, or have a running log on the screen of who make the changes (such as “Block 3-5 Changed to Red by Anonymous Platypus.”)

4) The data needs to be captured to make this project useful for research.

5) People hate having to install a the Webplayer to use the application (no workaround for that problem during the time frame of the project.)

Next steps: Learn more about possible data collection methods, and figure out a method of adding up to 17 different sounds to represent the different colors.


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