Smooth Sailing

Current Build:

Reflection: After a few hiccups (since this is music, I guess I should call it a hocket? [very inside renaissance music joke]) I have fixed some performance problems that were caused by my new menu. It turns out audio calls in Unity are very resource heavy. So, as the step-sequencer ran each of the 272 music blocks were checking to see if they should play or mute. My solution to the problem was to attached the mute control to the camera so it only checks once per frame.

Mode 1 is done. You can use a menu or select the colored blocks in the “sky” to select your color. The menu can be hidden and I learned how to do a “lerp” to center the sequencer in the center of the screen.

Mode 2 will be my big project next week. The code to make it work is done, but the audio has not been mixed for the project. I’d also like the “color names” in the menu to switch to the “instrument names” when mode 2 is selected.

Only other step will be to find a better way to capture data. My current method is acceptable… but I can do better.

Next steps:

1) Complete mode 2 (each color represents a different instrument/audio clip).

2) Improve data collection.

3) Begin to advertise the project.


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