Data Collection Begins – Anonymous Donkey has joined the soundscape

Final build:

The project is officially live. I’m pretty happy with the final build of the software and look forward to seeing what happens over the next 30 days. The final features include:

1) Two playing modes. One is a “coloring” mode with glockenspiel sounds, and the other is a “band” mode where each color is a different instrument/effect. The modes are linked to the server, if one person changes the mode it will change for everybody.

2) Support for up to 20 people playing at once (technically 19 for the data collection since my computer acting as the host is one of the 20 people.)

3) Each person is randomly assigned an animal name (such as Anonymous Donkey) and a data log of the last change is displayed on everybody’s screen.

4) I added an “About” page.

5) I discovered that if I do a PC build of the program it keeps a nice clean log file of the Debug.log. So, I will be using the PC build to collect my data. I may also post a PC and Mac build for other people to use in the upcoming days.

Next Step: Advertise to get users.


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